SSV Tennis Club


Rating and Placement Procedure


Voted and Approved By Club on 10/19/16


Due to the EVSTL changing over to the Tencap System, our club will no longer use the Challenge System. The following is the procedure which will replace the Challenge Policy and will be used to evaluate new players with experience and those that are returning after one year or more of absence from the EVSTL League.


1. Per EVSTL rules, SSV Tennis Club shall use the same rating procedures, move

    up or move down criteria as found in the EVSTL Bylaws section IX.  


         a) SSV will use the “VanderMuir Tournament Scoring System” for its on court evaluations as     

             directed by the EVSTL Rating and Placement  Committee.


2. Rating and Placement Committee:


         a) This committee shall consist of league play experienced players per EVSTL.


         b) The members shall be referred to as “Rating Verifiers” per EVSTL.


         c) The committee shall consist of seven (7) members and be appointed by the SSV Executive     



         d) A minimum of five (5) Verifiers will be present at all evaluations.


3. Ground Rules for Evaluations:


         a) The Rating and Placement Committee (RPC) shall pick three (3) players of the same gender   

              with similar Tencap ratings to play with the player        being evaluated.


         b) The RCP shall determine which level the evaluation shall be played at what ever way they  

              deem necessary, i.e., discussing with the player being evaluated or hitting with the player     

              being evaluated or talking to any others who have played with the player being evaluated.


         c) The VanderMuir Tournament Scoring System and scorecard will be followed with one

              Verifier keeping track of points.


         d) The other Verifiers will be judging the player being evaluated on       forehands, backhands,

              serves, court positioning and shot selection respectively.


         e) At the end of play, the Verifiers will share all the information gathered and make a decision

             on what level the player should be placed.


         f) From that placement, the Verifiers will then convert this into a Tencap rating that the player  

             will start with and provide this information to the Vice-President of the club who will forward

             it to the SSV Tencap Coordinator.