Captain Draw-SSV Team Selection Policy



At the end of each league season and after the Executive Committee (EC) has decided the number of teams at each level, the EC shall select team members for the next league season as follows:


1. The club president-elect shall solicit volunteers for new captains for the next season. Captains may volunteer with a designated co-captain who should preferably be from the opposite sex. Should there be more candidates for captains than teams at a particular level, a representative of the EC shall conduct a vote of all players at that level to select the captains for the following year.


2. All players will be on one list, separated only by gender. Captains will be given all the ten cap data available to determine their first pick from the complete list of players (female then male). Getting player information from previous captains, co-captains or coaches is encouraged. Additionally, any information on injuries, or if the player doesn’t get here until January, etc would be useful for the new captain to know.


3. If a team has a player captain or co-captain, they must give up a pick of the same gender that has an equal or one point plus or minus rating, before the draw begins. If both teams have player captains or co-captains and they fall within the range listed above, they will cancel each other out. If the spread is greater than one point in either direction, they will both get a selection based on the above. If a spouse comes along with a captain or co-captain then paragraph number 5 will be followed.


4. A coin toss or other means will determine the order of picks. Captains will alternate picks until all the players, (per gender) have been picked. After the teams have been picked, the captains and EC will review the teams for balance. Any changes made to create balance will be done within two (2) days. The EC, with captain input, will have the final say on the teams being balanced.


5. Spouses that are playing at the same level will be placed on the same team unless they request otherwise within 5 days prior to the draw. When a spouse goes with a pick, the other captain(s) will immediately get equal compensation as to gender and ten cap rating. The rotation will then resume.




Approved by the Board on September 26, 2016