Sunland Springs Tennis Club




Rewritten and approved by club on 11/9/16


ARTICLE I:  Purpose and Membership


1.1 Purpose:  The purpose of this Club is to foster the opportunity, for as many Sunland Springs Village (SSV) residents, as possible, to learn and enjoy the game of tennis and to participate in tournaments and play with the East Valley Senior Tennis League (EVSTL).


1.2 Membership:  Membership is open to any SSV resident with an interest in tennis. A membership shall be defined as a member whose dues have been paid for the membership year. All members shall have the right to vote at all meetings of the Sunland Springs Village Tennis Club (hereafter known as the Club), to hold office, to participate in all Club activities, and if eligible, to participate in league play.  It is hoped that all members will take an active part in committees and activities.


1.3 Members’ Obligation:  Members shall have the duty and obligation to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with good taste, good manners and established conduct of play. Conduct should always be such that it will not reflect poorly on the Club. Misconduct will be addressed by the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE II: Dues and Fees


2.1 Dues: The Executive Committee shall determine the annual membership dues. The membership year runs from October 1 to September 30 and dues are payable to the Treasurer. Dues must be paid prior to participation in any Club activity. Any regular member who has not paid annual dues shall be dropped from the Club’s rolls. Delinquent members shall be reinstated upon payment of their dues for the membership year. Dues paid at any time during the current year are to be for the full amount and they expire at the end of the membership year.


2.2 Fees: Fees for participation in tournaments, clinics and other Club activities shall be determined by the committees in charge of the events, and announced to members in the official notification for each event. Fees must be paid prior to participation in any activity.


ARTICLE III:  Meetings of Members


3.1 Monthly Membership Meetings: The schedule of these meetings is on the Club’s calendar and reminders are emailed to the membership. Attendance is encouraged since a quorum (25%) is needed for any issues that require the Membership’s approval. The election of officers for the next year will take place at the February meeting.


3.2 Other Meetings:  Other meetings of the Membership or the Executive Committee may be held upon the call of the President, or upon a petition signed by twenty-five (25) bona fide members and submitted to the Secretary. In the later instance, such meeting must be held no sooner than ten (10) days or later than thirty (30) from the date the petition is submitted to the Secretary.


3.3 Conduct of Meetings: The most recently revised edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern the proceedings of the Club in all cases not provided by the Bylaws. 


3.4 Agenda Items and Voting:  For each membership meeting, the Executive Committee will make an agenda available to the members by posting on the SSV Tennis Club website ( at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.  Agenda items requiring action by the members must be discussed at an open Executive Committee Meeting prior to the general meeting.  The minutes of that meeting will also be posted on SSV Tennis Club website at least five (5) days before the general meeting. Except for routine matters, voting on agenda items will be by written ballot.


If the five day posting requirements for the general meeting agenda and for the Executive Committee meeting minutes have not been met, this bylaw may be set aside by a two-thirds (2/3) standing vote of those voting with a quorum present. In that case, a proposal may be voted on by standing vote.


If an item does not appear on the agenda but is brought to the floor at a general meeting, it may be discussed but not acted on. This bylaw may be set aside by two-thirds (2/3) standing vote of those voting with a quorum present.  In that case, a proposal may be voted on by standing vote.


ARTICLE IV: Duties of the Executive Committee Members


4.1 President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Committee.  He/She shall enforce the provisions of the bylaws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents for the Club, appoint standing and special committees and perform other duties customarily pertaining to the office of the President. The President or his designee shall be the EVSTL Coordinator and will represent SSV at all EVSTL meetings.


4.2 Vice President:  The Vice President shall generally assist the President, perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President, conduct an annual pre-season meeting of the team captains, provide the captains with a notebook of procedures related to captains’ duties and supervise the captains during the league season.


4.3 Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep minutes of the proceedings of the Club and of the Executive Committee, notify the SSV activity office of the names of the new officers, keep a roll of members, conduct correspondence, ensure the meeting notices are displayed on the Club bulletin board and emailed to members and maintain the Club’s historical records.


4.4 Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall request that members pay their dues, receive and give receipts for all monies paid to the Club, notify league captains of delinquent members that may not participate in league play, make authorized expenditures on behalf of the Club, maintain financial records in accordance with normal accounting procedures and submit a proposed annual budget to the Executive Committee. Upon request, the Treasurer shall report on the Club’s finances. The Treasurer shall be holder of the Club’s account.


4.5 Member at Large:  Duties shall be determined by the President.


4.6 Change of Officers:  Officers’ terms are to run from April 1 to March 31.  All officers at the expiration of their terms of office shall deliver to their duly elected successors all books, records and other Club property in their keeping.


4.7 Vacancies:  The Executive Committee shall declare vacant the office of any elected officer upon:

                    *The death or resignation of the officer.

                    *The finding of the Executive Committee that such officer has been

                      declared of unsound mind.

                    *The vote of members as provided by 4.9.


4.8 Filling Vacancies:  An Officer may resign at any time.  If a vacancy in any office is caused by resignation, death, expulsion or other reasons, such vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment by the Executive Committee. In the case of vacancy in the Office of President, the Executive Committee shall advance the Vice President to fill the office of the President, thereby creating a vacancy in the office of Vice President which shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.


4.9 Removal of Members:  After presenting to the Executive Committee a petition proposing the recall of an officer(s) and signed by two-thirds (2/3) of the members, the membership may, at a special meeting called expressly for that purpose, remove any or all Executive Committee members and declare those offices of the Club to be vacant by a vote of three-fourths (3/4) of those voting with a quorum present. A vacancy so created shall be filled by a majority of the votes cast by the members present at the special meeting.



ARTICLE V: Club Funds


5.1 Depository:  All of the Club’s funds shall be deposited into the Club’s account in a timely fashion after being received.


5.2 Withdrawal Authority:  Those officers authorized to sign requests to withdraw funds from the Club’s account shall be determined each year by the Executive Committee and notification of signing authority shall be given to the holder of the accounts.


5.3 Discretionary Funds for the Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee has the authorization to disburse funds without membership approval, the total of which for the membership year is not to exceed five percent (5%) of the annual budget.


5.4 Review of Financial Records:  The Executive Committee shall arrange for an annual examination by two qualified members, of the Club’s financial records.


ARTICLE VI: Committees and Captains


6.1 Standing Committees:  The President shall appoint the following committees annually with the exception of a. and g. below:


     a.  Executive: The duly elected officers and the Member at Large will make up the 

          Executive Committee.  It is their collective duty to act as a governing board.


     b.  Social: This committee shall plan and organize all social events of the Club. 


     c.  Use of Funds:  The committee shall plan and make recommendations to the

          Executive Committee on whether and how to spend the Club’s surplus funds.


     d.  Courts and Facilities:  This committee shall see that the courts and all the Clubs’

          facilities and equipment are kept in good, usable condition. This committee    

          should recommend to the Executive Committee any improvement needed in the

          facilities and equipment.


     e. Sunshine:  This committee shall be in charge of expressing the Club’s sympathy

          to Club members when they experience bereavement, serious illness or injuries.


     f. Bulletin Board:  This committee shall be responsible for keeping the Club’s

         bulletin boards attractive and organized.


     g. Rating/Placement Committee: This committee shall place members at their    playing level and attempt to equalize the skill level of our Club teams for the     EVSTL in accordance with the EVSTL Bylaws and the Rating/Placement policy. It          is recommended that this committee serve indefinitely with members being   replaced on an as needed basis by the current EC.


     h. Charitable Donations: This committee shall be in charge of seeking out one or  

         two charities that the Club can assist by donating money or other items needed    

         by the charity.


      i. Tencap Coordinator:  Will represent SSV Tennis Club in Tencap.


 6.2 Other Committees: 


        a.  Nominating:


         1. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of three (3) members. The

            three (3) members of the Nominating Committee shall be nominated by the

    membership and elected by the membership at the first regular membership  

    meeting of the year (typically in November). The committee members will

    elect their own chairperson.


2. The Nominating Committee shall propose a slate (which may be either single   

    or multiple) consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and

    Member at Large for election as Members of the Executive Committee.


3. The Vice President shall progress to President, unless the Officer is unable to

    accept nomination or is not qualified to serve. The Nominating Committee

    shall propose a replacement President and Vice President under these



4. The slate of proposed Officers shall be posted on the bulletin board thirty (30)

    days prior to election as well as on the Club website.


         5. Ten percent (10%) of the voting membership in good standing can propose,

            by petition, additional nominations for one (1) or more Officers.  This petition

            shall be received by the Secretary fifteen (15) days prior to the election. The

            Secretary shall immediately notify the membership in writing of the petition. 

            Members may not be nominated for more than one (1) position on the

            Executive Committee either by the Nominating Committee or by petition.  The

            member nominated by this petition shall be included on the ballot for the



         6. Nominations from the floor on the day of election shall not be allowed except

            in the case of vacancies in the slate of nominations proposed by the

            Nominating Committee resulting from a nominee’s inability to serve after the

            slate is posted.


         b. Tournament:  The Executive Committee shall annually appoint a Tournament

            Director who shall appoint two (2) assistants subject to the approval of the

            Executive Committee. These three people shall then be the Tournament

            Board.  This board shall have the following duties and responsibilities:


                  1. Select dates for the tournament.

                  2. Select committee chairpersons.

                  3. Establish entrance fees.

                  4. Select levels of entry and rules of play.

                  5. Prepare advertisement and communications.


            Final planning decisions are subject to the Executive Committee’s approval. 

            When the tournament commences, decisions will be made by any member(s)

            of the Tournament Board present at that time.


6.3 Captains:  Captains shall follow the EVSTL Bylaws, section XII.


ARTICLE VII: Tennis Play


7.1 Rules: All Club sanctioned tennis play shall be in accordance with the rules of the U.S. Tennis Association, including the attire worn by players.


7.2 East Valley Senior Tennis League (EVSTL):  To be eligible to play on an EVSTL tennis team, a member must be current in membership year dues and meet all eligibility requirements for league play as set forth in the EVSTL Bylaws.


ARTICLE VIII: Amendments


8.1 Amendments:  These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting with a quorum present. A proposed amendment must be made at least one business meeting prior to the meeting at which it will be voted on.  All approved changes to the Bylaws will be dated and listed on the title page in chronological order.