NOVEMBER 2, 2011

3:30 P.M.


The meeting was called to order by President W. Dale Miller at 3:30 P.M.

President Dale Miller welcomed back all returning tennis players and new members.  We welcome all new members:  Bruce Stricklett, John McAteer, Ray and Jenny Wiebe, Linda and Clint Herbert, and Ellee and Jim Mitchell.


Minutes of the October 5, 2011 General Meeting were previously emailed to club members.  Dale Miller asked for corrections or additions to the minutes as emailed.  There were none.  Linda Miller moved to accept the minutes.  Jim Gebing seconded the motion and it passed.



Treasurer's report was presented to the club by Cindy Geiser.  The report was accepted.



Change to Bylaws:

a.   Challenge Committee (6.1G)

      A motion was made by Dee Brosowske to change rating committee to challenge committee.  The motion was seconded by Bill Smaha.  This issue will be placed on the December Agenda for a vote that will require 2/3rd vote with quorum present.

b.   1.5 Move To 2.0

      The procedure to move-up 1.5 players to the 2.0 level without a challenge match by a joint decision of the 1.5 Captain and an upper level instructor when they determine that the 1.5 players skill warrant such a move.  Dee Brosowske moved to accept the motion.  The motion was seconded by Dick Branson.  Discussion on move-up was held.  It was then decided to table the motion and send it to the challenge policy committee.



a.   Team Roster Updates or changes to the web site.

      All changes on team roster are to be sent to Mike Darr.

b.   How used tennis balls will be used for club practices.

      It was decided at the Captains meeting that after all matches the balls go on the shelves.  Social Tennis will then use those balls and some will go to the small hopper, big hopper and then the ball machines.  We need two people to process this procedure.

c.   Court sign-up June 1 - September 30

      Please follow rules of play and use common sense on out of park players.

d.   Check sign-up sheet before you start play to make certain no one else has signed up to use the court.

Be courteous, check the sign-up board.  Please move to another court if you have not signed up for the court you are playing on.

e.   Need to fill the Nominating Committee

Joe Fusaro has volunteered.  We still need two more people.

f.   EVSTL Meeting Report

     John Berger gave a report on the meeting.  1.5 Tournament will be in February.  EVSTL is in need of a historian.  Next meeting will be January 24, 2012 at Leisure World at 2 P.M.  If you have any comments for John, please contact him.



a.   Social Committee Report

      Welcome Back Party Sunday November 13, 2011.  Baked lemon chicken, dinner rolls, coffee and water will be provided.  Please bring your own table service.  A sign-up sheet to bring a dish to share is posted at the courts.  Contact JoAnn Landwehr if you have any questions.  DECEMBER 3, 2011 Roadhaven Invitational is here.  This is hosted by Roadhaven with the social committee helping them.  DECEMBER 11, 2011 will be SSV Mixed Level fun afternoon.  This event will be hosted by the social committee.  More details later.

b.   Tournament Coordinator Report.

      Diane Thompson gave a report on Venture Out Tournament.  There were 19 teams going in and 8 teams placing with a gold or silver medal.

      Dwayne Moon reported on the Christmas Mixed Double Tournament at SVE, December 28, 29 and 30, 2011.  Each Level limited to 8 teams.  3 possible teams per level from 8 parks unless draw not filled by December 2, 2011.  Players must play 2 EVL matches to qualify and be members of the same park players can combine ratings within 2 levels of each other to form a team.  Cost is $15.00 per person/$30.00 per team.  Please contact Dwayne Moon for further information.  Dwayne Moon will have a class on score keeping at his home 11065 East Kilarea at 2 P.M. November 10,2011 for anyone wanting to learn more about score keeping.

c.   Court and Facilities

      Doug Korver reported on the washing of the courts.  On November 16, 2011 at 3:30 P.M. court washing will be done by the 2.0 teams.  Doug asked that when writing on the team boards to be sure to use a dry marker.  On Monday November 7, 2011 all courts will be used for 3.5 play starting at 7 A.M.

d.   Social Tennis Report

      George Anderson reported on Social Tennis.  Sign-up sheets are on the board to sign-up to play on Monday and Thursday from 3 - 4:30 P.M.  If you sign-up to play, please show up.

e.   Challenge Committee

      Dee Brosowske gave a report on a challenge match for Gene Lawrence according to policy set forth.  Gene is now a 4.0.

f.   Invitational Coordinator

     Cindy Geiser reported on the December 3, 2011 Road Haven Invitational Tournament.  Please sign up for this event as soon as possible.  Cindy needs help to assist.



a.   New Tournament Directors for 2013

      Bill Smaha and Galen Anderson gave a report on their progress for the SSV Tournament.  They announced that Marcia and Roger Stein and Linda and Terry Garrett will be the new tournament directors for 2013.

b.   Team shirts available from Ron and Linda Borders.

      Shirts will be ordered when they have 12 orders.  Sign-up sheet is on the board at the courts.  The cost to put your name on any shirt is $10.00.

c.   Charitable Contributions Committee Report.

      Di Schultz gave a report on two non-profit projects to allot money for and to donate clothing and miscellaneous items to a Homeless Shelter and Genesis Project.  Di goes every Wednesday to Genesis.  Please contact Di for more information.

d.   Write article on Tennis for the Voice

      Need someone to write the tennis article in the Voice each month.  The report is due on the 10th of each month.

e.   Restroom Remodel

      Galen Anderson reported the two restrooms will be remodeled soon.  Both restrooms will be closed at the same time to remodel.  The closes restrooms will be behind the Superstition Room.



More benches on each court.

Social Committee cleaned the Snack Shack...thank you.

Next General Meeting will be on Tuesday not Wednesday December 6, 2011 at 3:30 P.M.  Door will open at 3 P.M.

John Berger reported that the SVE Winter Smash will be January 27, 28 and 29, 2012.


Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 P.M.



Respectfully yours,


Mavis Carver