SSV Tennis General Membership Meeting

March 2, 2011, 3:30 p.m.




Bill called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm. 


Minutes:  Minutes of the February 2, 2011 meeting were previously emailed to club members.  Janine Mullinnix moved that we accept the minutes as emailed.  Dwayne Moon seconded the motion and it carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Diane Thompson presented the Club’s Operating Statement.


Committee Reports:


  1. Use of Funds.  Rich Shulak moved that the SSV Tennis Club purchase three 3-step bleachers at a price of approximately $2734.  Kathy Olmscheid seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  The motion carried 76-2 after a secret ballot vote.
  2. Social Committee.  Donita Wark reported that the Carriage Manor Invitational was a big success.  She thanked her committee and all the 2.0 players who helped.  Her committee consisted of Bev Inoue, Pam Pouria, Lana Dube, Barb Pointer, Linda Garrett, Grace Stone, Dolores Brown, and Mavis Carver.  Belinda Stevens reported that the Club’s End-of-Year Party, hosted by the 2.5 teams, is scheduled for Sunday, March 27 in the Auditorium.  The party will start with a happy hour at 4:30, dinner (steak or chicken) at 5:30, and entertainment by Nastalgic at 7:00.  Tickets are $9 each and can be purchased in the Activities Office.
  3. Di Schultz thanked everyone who has contributed food, clothing or plastic containers to the GENESIS Project in Apache Junction.  She gave a special thank you to Carol Korver for her help in organizing.  Di will continue to take items to GENESIS through the middle of March, and will resume in October.  Information about GENESIS was emailed to Club members.


New Business:


  1. Trees on the Plaza.  Bill Schlimgen presented the problem of the three trees on the plaza and reported that the problem was discussed at the EC Meeting on February 23, 2011.  Dennis Brosowske moved that we request that the HOA remove the trees due to the branches damaging the awnings and the bird droppings on the sidewalks.  John Berger seconded the motion.  It carried 78-0.


  1. EVSTL proposed Bylaw changes.  Bruce Evans went over each of the three changes being proposed for the EVSTL Bylaws at their next meeting on March 29.  The first change, Section VIII, B 3 Moving Up Criteria was discussed.  A hand vote has held with nobody in favor of and everyone opposed to.  The vast majority, however, was in favor of a certain number of matches in Court 1 being played after January 1.  Bruce next went over the second change, Section VIII, B, 4 Move Down Criteria.  Discussion was held.  A hand vote was held and 5 voted in favor of the change and 72 were opposed to the change.  When asked how many were interested in stricter move-down guidelines, 7 were in favor and 71 were opposed.  Bruce then went over Section X, B Team Captains.  Discussion was held.  A hand note was held and a vast majority was in favor of this change. 




  1. Doug Korver reminded 4.0 Club members that they were in charge of washing the courts on March 10 at 3:30 p.m.
  2. Dale Miller said that as President-Elect he is in need of more people to fill committees.  Especially needed was someone to take over the sign-up spreadsheets from Roger Stevens.  He also reminded the Club that we’re still looking for Farnsworth Tournament Co-Chairs for 2013.
  3. Bill Schlimgen reported that nine challenges were held and five were successful.
  4. Bill Schlimgen reported that the Captains’ Reporting Meeting is scheduled for March 9 beginning at 3:30.  Captains are to report on the current year and be prepared to give their number of players for next year.  March 23 is Team Selections.  Meetings will be held for levels 2.0-3.5 from March 9 to March 23 to elect captains prior to the Team Selection Meeting on March 23.
  5. Janine Mullinnix reminded everyone of the tennis-sponsored dance in the auditorium on Saturday, March 5 with the Colorado Connection.  Tickets can be purchased in the Activities Office.
  6. The website is up and running, and the membership roster is fully loaded.  Linda Miller will send out an email notifying members to let the EC know if they want to opt out of having their information on the website.  Roger Stevens is working on a STATS program for the Club.
  7. If you have photos for the website, send them to Steve Heyer.
  8. Bob Wolf announced that the final Softball Pancake Breakfast for this year is Saturday, March 5 from 7-9 a.m.  The cost is $4/person.
  9. Bill Smaha thanked Roger Stevens for his work on the STATS program and for the upcoming Tournament.
  10. Dick Schwartz reminded players in the SVE Tournament that they’re going to be watching for foot faults.
  11. Dennis Brosowske said that scorekeepers are needed for the Farnsworth Tournament.  A sign-up sheet is on the Club bulletin board.
  12. If couples that play on the same level wish to be put on the same team next year they are to notify their current captain before Team Selection on March 23.
  13. Bill Schlimgen thanked the current board members, thanked the Club, and thanked Doug Korver for court maintenance during this past year.  More thanks will be given at the End-of-Year Party March 27.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:29 p.m. 

Linda Miller