March 7, 2012 at 3:30 P.M.


President W. Dale Miller called the meeting to order at 3:30 P.M.  All board members present.

Minutes of the February 1, 2012 General Meeting were previously emailed to all club members.  Dale Miller asked for corrections or additions to the minutes as emailed.  A correction to the motion that Bruce Evans made was noted and corrected.  Dee Brosowske moved to accept the minutes as corrected.  Max Warren seconded the motion and it passed.


Cindy Geiser gave a report on expenditures and income for the month of February. Cindy has received income from SSV Tournament sponsors.




A.       CAPTAIN’S REPORT 2011 -2012


Bernetta Burstyn gave a report on the 1.5 team.  This is the first year 1.5 team started playing league in November.  The team had 29 members and a good year.


Blue 2.0 team - Rich Hunt and Co-Captain Max Tiede had 4 women and 1 man move up to 2.5.  Red 2.0 team - Dick Pouria and Co-Captain Joe Fusaro had 2 women and 1 man move up to 2.5.  White 2.0 team – Donita Wark and Co-Captain Ron Peterson had 13 men and 9 women on the team.  1 man and 4 women moved to 2.5 level.


Red 2.5 team – Richard Shulak and Co-Captain Sharon Darr had 2 men and 2 women move up to 3.0 level.  White 2.5 team – Max Warren and Co-Captain Belinda Stevens had 5 men and 2 women move up to 3.0 level. Blue 2.5 team – Diane Thompson and Co-Captain Ron Peterson had 2 men and 2 women move up to 3.0.


White 3.0 team – Deanna Magnuson and Co-Captain Martha Cooper had 1 man and 1 women move up to 3.5 level.  Blue 3.0 team – Dick Schwartz and Co-Captain Nancy Bradshaw had 1 man and 1 woman move up to 3.5 level.


White 3.5 team – Doug Korver and Co-Captain Carol Korver did not have any move up’s.



Blue 3.5 team – Tom Rush and Co-Captain Jim Talbot did not have any move up’s.


4.0 team – Wayne Hall and Co-Captain Cortez Hake gave a report on their team results.


Our last social of the season will be April 1, 2012, with the choice of a filet mignon or chicken breast.  JoAnn Landwehr reported that there will be a signup sheet on the board to bring a dish to share and tickets will be on sale for $5.00.  2.5 teams are hosting this event.  JoAnn thanked everyone for his or her support and for all the work that made each event special.





The following people are on the Use of Facilities Committee:  Barta Berger, Dick Branson, Bernetta Burstyn, Mike Gonzalez, Cathy Idso, Gene Lutter, Dwayne Moon and Fred Vollherbst. Dale Miller will chair the committee.  The committee has met and suggests that there be recreational and league play.  Recreational will be divided into 3 levels (self-rated) and will have an A.M. and a P.M. time slot.  New balls will be furnished in the A.M for use throughout the day.





Mike Darr reported that there have been 15 challenges and 10 were successful.  Mike thanked Dee Brosowske, Bob Dumas, Carol Rieger and Joe Tucker for coordinating players, scheduling dates and times and scorekeeping at the matches.





Bill Smaha reported that the draw has been completed and that players should pay their entry fee to Dwayne Moon.  On March 17 at 8 A.M. Bill and Galen are asking for your help in setting up tents, etc.  There is a lot of work to be done for setting up.




George Anderson reported that Social Tennis was a success this season.  Don O’Reilly gave a report on All Play.  He suggested that we either do away with coffee and donuts or have a half hour break between the two play times.


G.      SOCK HOP / CAR SHOW MARCH 17, 2012


Volunteers are needed to help with hot dogs.  Rich Hunt will ask 4 guys to help with street crossings.   5 volunteers are needed from 10 A.M. – 12 NOON and 5 volunteers from 12 – 2 P.M.  Please contact Dale Miller if you can help.




CAPTAINS FOR 2012 – 2013

1.5  Bernetta Burstyn

2.0  Rich Hunt and Dee Brosowske

2.5  Diane Thompson

3.0  Deanna Magnuson, Dick Schwartz, Richard Shulak and Diane Thompson

3.5  Tom Rush and Carol Shulak

4.0  Wayne Hall



The new courts are expected to be finished in two weeks.  People are encouraged to ride their bikes or take their golf carts to the new courts to play.  For the time being there will be no water, shade, restrooms or parking at the new location.

Dale Miller reported to the club that Craig Ahlstrom said that the club would not have to pay $20,000 towards the building of the new courts.  When you see Craig, please give him a “big” Thank You!

Bill Smaha suggested that the club buy 2 flagpoles and install them at the court and fly both an American flag and a Canadian flag.

Three new AED’s are needed at the new San Tan Facility.  We are hoping that Bingo will furnish these as they have in the past.

Captains are to have their report to Dale Miller by March 14, 2012, on move up’s, number of players for league, number of players for social and level of play on team.

Ballroom will be empty next week (Friday, March 16).  Everything will go to storage to make room for our tournament.

No block out time for play next week.  Remember that SVE can use our courts in case of rain.

Each team needs to have a coordinator for their team and report to Terry Garrett as to how many courts you will need for round robin.  Only 4 courts are available for round robins.

Next General Meeting will be October 3, 2012 at 3:30 P.M.  Doors will open at 3:00 P.M. before the meeting so you can pay your dues and socialize.



Signup sheets for all 12 courts will be at the present courts.


Doug Korver is asking the 3.5 teams to do a little bonding, by washing courts on March 15, at 2 P.M.

Kathy Olmscheid thanked Nancy Bradshaw, Sharon Darr, Doris Hall and Donita Wark for keeping the Bulletin Board looking neat and attractive.  Please contact one of these ladies if you would like to have something placed on the board.

Cathy Idso reminded the club that the Monte Vista 8 person team will start March 25, 2012.

Dale has been on the lookout for the “Bulletin Board Bully”. If caught there will be no more tennis at SSV for you for one year.  Please stop writing on the board and be kind to each other.


Respectfully yours,


Mavis Carver