General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2013




Dale Miller called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.


There was not a quorum present at this meeting, so no business could take place.


New Members stood and were welcomed into the Club.


Minutes.  There was not a quorum present so minutes of the November General Meeting as emailed could not be approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Cindy Geiser presented the Treasurer’s Report and indicated we now have 297 paid members of the Club.  She provided a report on expenditures for the first half of the season.


Old Business:

Terry Garrett introduced his committee, which included Dennis Baker, Dennis Brosowske, Barta Berger, Pat Koskinen, Mary Branson, Johnny Hooyenga, Terry and Linda Garrett.  He then presented the revised Court Sign-Up Procedures, which now match the new electronic sign-up.  Discussion was held.  No action could be taken, as there was not a quorum present.


George Anderson reported on Men’s Recreational Tennis.  The times for the second half of the season have been changed to 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays on the south courts.  Cathy Idso reported on the 3.5 Women’s Recreational Tennis.


Tournament 2013 Report:  Roger Stein reported on the progress of the 2013 Committee for the SSV Mixed Doubles Tournament.  Letters were sent to all the club coordinators.  We are lacking two coordinators, one from Greenfield Village and one from Silver Ridge.  He indicated they are in need of a photographer for the tournament.  If you can help, please let the Garretts and/or Steins know ASAP.  Tennis balls for the tournament have been purchased.


JoAnn Landwehr reported that she received a letter today from the Genesis Project thanking the Club for donating $4,458 during the Holiday Fun Day.  They said this money would help them for up to a year.  JoAnn thanked the Club for their generosity, and thanked each of her committee members Mary Branson, Tami Thompson, and Belinda Stevens.


New Business:

JoAnn Landwehr reported that the next Club Social is Saturday, January 26 from 12-4 p.m., which is a Chili Fun Day with pots of chili, crackers and cornbread provided by members of the club.  A sign-up sheet will soon be posted.  The final social of the year is Sunday, March 31 hosted by the two 3.5 teams.


Di Schultz reported that the Genesis Project is in need of clean plastic containers with lids (i.e., sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, etc.) for people to take food home.  Also, used bags are a hot item, such as old tennis bags & duffel bags.  Di goes to Genesis weekly and is happy to take these items.


Nominating Committee Report.  Wayne reported that we have the following candidates running for office:

Dee Brosowske, member-at-large

Cindy Geiser, treasurer

Donita Wark, secretary

Ron Peterson will automatically become President.  As of now we do not have a candidate for Vice-President.  If you are interested, or know of someone who may be interested, please let Wayne or Doris Hall know.  Elections are next month, February 6 in the San Tan Auditorium.  Remember:  we can NOT hold the election of officers without a quorum present.


The Captains reported on the first half of the season.


Challenge Policy:  Discussion was held on updating the language in the Challenge Policy by doing two things:

1)   Eliminating the line in IA that says “at least three matches in court one must be played after January 1.”

2)   Adding the following language to the end of VI “We can also accept a current NTRP rating (excluding self-rating) for current USTA members.

No action could be taken, as a quorum of members was not present.


Electrical Outlets for the South Courts:  Discussion was held on the necessity of having electrical outlets at all six courts for members to use the ball machine, etc.  Since a quorum was not present to take action, the money for this expenditure, approximately $400 will be taken out of miscellaneous.


Flags for North Courts:  Discussion was held on purchasing an American and a Canadian flag and two flagpoles to be placed at the north courts.  They would be put up October 1 and taken down April 30.  After discussion, and since a quorum was not present to vote on this expenditure, the following members volunteered to purchase the needed flagpoles and flags:

Dee & Dennis Brosowske, American Flag

Ray & Jenny Wiebe, Canadian Flag

Ken & JoAnn Landwehr, flagpole for the American Flag

Wayne & Doris Hall, flagpole for the Canadian Flag


Holiday Tournament Report:  Dwayne Moon reported that SSV had 13 teams playing on 7 out of 9 levels at the recent SVE Holiday Tournament.  Seven of our teams played the final day with 3 winning Championships, three second place winners, and one winner in the consolation bracket.   Dale thanked Dwayne for all his efforts.




Comments from the Floor:



We will hold a short meeting later this month to vote on the items that need to be passed before February.  Time, place, and date TBD.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Miller