General Meeting SSV Tennis Club

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015

San Tan Room


President Diane Thompson called the meeting to order at 3:30.  All Exec. Board members were present.


Dee Brosowske moved and Terry Garrett seconded a motion to accept the Jan. 7 minutes as emailed.  Motion passed.  Mary B. reported that A New Leaf and Genesis Project sent thank you letters along with a letter of thanks from SVE for our help in the Holiday Tournament.  Genesis reported that in addition to the club’s $500. donation, our members contributed $5008. along with products and clothing and blankets. 


Cindy Geiser reported that bills are paid and the books are balanced.  She also stated that there are 329 members in our club!


Old Business

Terry Garrett reported that the Merle Bryan lessons for the 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 players are going very well.  There will be one more round in 2 weeks after which decisions for next year’s lessons will be made.


Sue Briggs updated us on the SSV tournament committee progress.  Craig Alstrom has agreed to let us use the shuttle and will provide complimentary towels to participants of the tournament.  Ken Landwehr with help from Roger Stein, has volunteered to be in charge of the shuttle arrangements.  Thanks to Linda Miller, the tournament will be featured on the front cover of the SSV Voice.  Donna Dale encouraged us to have food handlers certificates and to volunteer to help the shuffleboard club with their tournament  as they are playing their matches in the evening to accommodate our tournament.


New Business

Pres. Diane clarified the write in on the ballots and asked any of the candidates to give a short talk on their ideas.  Joe Ricci asked to be a write in for vice-pres. and Gene Rhinehart decided to decline to run for vice-pres.  Several nominees gave their talks and a ballot vote then took place.


The SVE tournament is coming up and Barta Berger said though playoffs last Saturday were rained out, the teams were conducting their own playoffs.  She will have the final draw from SVE on Feb. 16


Cathy Idso reported that the Monte Vista tournament will be March 23-29.  She also informed us that in the 7 years of the tournament, SSV had teams in the finals 6 of those years and 5 teams were champions!



The use of funds committee reported that the club has purchased 2 ball sweeps, 2 baskets, bulletin boards for the north courts, and heaters for the snack shacks.  Wayne Hall also said we need 3  new nets.  We will purchase them and the HOA will reimburse us. 



Dee Brosowske reported on the EVSTL meeting. Several changes have been made including giving the EVSTL Pres. authority to temporarily suspend part of a by law, change to 4 in court 1 position in the MCI, borrow non 4.0 players from another village, and 4.0 split level concept for next fall.

She also complimented Joe Ricci and Roger Stevens on their “Tencap” presentation.  They will present it to our club before the next general meeting in March.  Bernetta Burstyn reported on the 1.5 EVSTL meeting she attended.  She also informed us that we now have 25  1.5 level players!


Don Wogen reported on the court scheduling task force.  They addressed all 10 issues that the Exec. Board had asked them to address at their meeting.  They will now draft a policy and present it to the Exec. Board at the Board’s Feb. 25 meeting.



The social committee has 3 events left this year reported Barb Pointer.  They are the Monte Vista Invitational this weekend, the SSV tourney, and on Monday, March 30 the going away party which will be hosted by the 4.0 team.  She said there are 74 SSV members and 71 Monte Vista members signed up for the Invitational.


Terry G. clarified the SSV club’s move up policy which is: a player must play at least 6 matches in court 1 and win 75% of the matches.  At that point they have a choice to move up or not.  If they win 75% of their matches AND 60 % of the games in court 1, then they MUST move up (EVSTL policy).  John Berger is chairing a committee to write up a formal “SSV move up policy”.  Terry also asked for members to say yes when  asked to be on committees for next year.


Dale Miller reported a lost AED from the south courts.  The HOA will have to replace it and it will then be locked in the kitchen.  The key for the kitchen is on the ball room key lock box.


Pres. Diane read the results of the election.  Officers for the 2015-16 year are

President--Terry Garrett

Vice President--Joe Ricci

Secretary--Marcia Stein

Treasurer--Cindy Geiser

Member at Large--Wayne Hall


Dick Branson moved and Ron Petersen seconded a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:20.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyack, Sec.