General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2013

San Tan Auditorium



Dale Miller called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  All members of the Executive Board were in attendance except for Cindy Geiser who was excused.


New Members stood and were welcomed into the Club.


Dale said a nasty email was sent to John Lippert about trash in black garbage bags being put in the recycling cans and asked members to be more diligent in taking the trash to the proper bins.


Dale thanked members of the two 3.0 teams for their help during the recent Farnsworth Open House.


Minutes.  Minutes of the November 7, 2012 General Meeting were previously emailed to Club members.  There were no corrections or additions to the minutes.  Dee Brosowske moved to accept the minutes.  Kathy Olmscheid seconded the motion and it passed.  Minutes of the January 9, 2013 meeting were previously emailed to Club members.  There were no additions or corrections to the minutes.  Dennis Brosowske moved to accept the minutes.  Joe Fusaro seconded the motion and it passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  In Cindy’s absence Dale reported that the Club finances are in good shape and that we need to have the books audited.  He asked for a volunteer at the meeting, or to let him know of someone in the Club who could audit the books.  Dale would like it completed before he leaves office the end of March.


Old Business:

Election of Officers:  Wayne Hall reported that the Club had candidates for the offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large, but there was a vacancy at Vice-President.  Dale Miller called for nominations from the floor.  Dick Branson nominated Diane Thompson as vice-president. Diane accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations.  Jerry Pointer moved to direct the secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for those nominated.  Dennis Brosowske seconded the motion and it passed.  The Club voted on the sleight of officers and they were elected unanimously.  The officers for the 2013-2014 year are:


President:  Ron Peterson

Vice-President:  Diane Thompson

Secretary:  Donita Wark

Treasurer:  Cindy Geiser

Member-at-Large:  Dee Brosowske


Court Scheduling Procedures:  Discussion was held on the changes in the Court Scheduling Procedures.  The Club voted down the proposal of a second round robin during the league year for all levels.  The Club approved allowing EC board-approved instructors to sign up for courts when giving lessons.


Challenge Policy:  Discussion was held.  The Club approved removing the wording “at least three matches in court one must be played after January 1.”  The Club also approved adding the following language “We can also accept a current NTRP rating (excluding self-rating) for current USTA members.


Tournament 2013 Report:  Terry Garrett reported that lots of teams are signing up for the tournament.  There will be a dance on Saturday, March 23 with a live band.  Players and spouses will be invited to the dance.  Tickets are $5 and the dance will be limited to 300 people.  The Committee added two more brackets and will use the new courts Monday-Friday from 8:00 to noon.  The Committee is working on getting a shuttle to go from the North courts to the South courts.


Challenge Report:  Ron Petersen said 28 Club members asked for a challenge match.  So far ten have either made their challenge or withdrew.  They have 18 matches left.  The following people are helping with the matches:  Bill Smaha and Diane Thompson; Carol Rieger and Ray Wiebe.


New Business:

Recreation Committee:  Dale Miller reported on his recent meeting with the Rec Committee.  He said the hardest thing was getting the flags approved.  Dale also said that they “tweaked” the original proposal with the Club paying $10,100 towards the needed items so that the Club would only pay $3200.  The next step is the Advisory Committee, which meets in two weeks.  If need be the Club will spend up to the $10,100 it approved at the Special Meeting January 30.  Dale thanked Jerry Pointed for writing the proposal and attending the meeting with him.


EVSTL Report:  Dee Brosowske reported on the recent EVSTL meeting.  She said the EVSTL is looking for a new 1.5 coordinator as the previous one retired.  They talked about the minimum age to play league is 50 years. The player MUST be 50 – not a day less.  There was a recommendation to look at the By-Laws.  They discussed that matches that are not played for any reason other than injury (rain etc.) may be rescheduled.  If a match is called due to injury, the non-injured team wins the match.  The number of games is recorded, but the win goes to the other team and is listed as 2-0.  Tom Arnold from VDO is the new Vice-President of EVSTL.  And, finally, there will only be ONE schedule next year.


3.0 Winter Smash:  Diane Thompson reported that the Club entered six ladies’ teams and two men’s teams in the tournament at SVE.  Belinda Stevens and Marcia Stein were champs in their division; Roger Stein and Terry Garrett were champs in their division.  She congratulated all players.




The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Miller