SSV Tennis General Membership Meeting

February 2, 2011, 3:30 p.m.




Bill called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm. 


Minutes:  Minutes of the January 5, 2011 meeting was previously emailed to club members.  Dwayne Moon moved that we accept the minutes as emailed.  Jim Gebing seconded the motion and it carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Diane Thompson presented the Club’s Operating Statement.


Committee Reports:


  1. Social Committee.  JoAnn Landwehr announced that the Club had a great turnout for the recent Fun Day Mixer.  McDonald’s on Ellsworth and Baseline donated fifty sandwiches for the event.  The Carriage Manor Invitational is Saturday, February 26.  The 2.0 teams are in charge of this event.  Donita Wark reported that a sign-up sheet will be posted on the Club bulletin board and that there will be a $4/person cost for lunch, which will also pay for Carriage Manor participant’s lunches.  A table will be set up Monday-Friday the week before from 9-11:00 to collect the money.
  2. Use of Funds.  Rich Shulak reported that the Use of Funds Committee is looking at acquiring a 3-seat bleacher and single set bleachers to be placed north of courts one and two.
  3. Christmas Donation.  Di Schultz reported that La Mesita greatly appreciated the donation.  They sent a nice thank-you letter, which is posted on the Club bulletin board.  Di also noted that the Apache Junction Homeless Shelter is still in need of jeans, socks, underwear, backpacks, etc.  Bill Schlimgen thanked all Club members who have contributed to the shelter.




New Business:


  1. Election of Officers.  Bill Schlimgen introduced the slate of officers.  The following were voted in for office for the 2011-2012 year:


President:  W. Dale Miller

Vice-President:  Mike Darr

Secretary:  Mavis Carver

Treasurer:  Rich Hunt

Member-at-Large:  John Berger



  1. Rating Policy.  Bruce Evans went over the changes made in the two policies to be voted on.  Discussion was held.  Bruce Evans moved that the general membership vote to accept one of the rating policies, either the Challenge Policy or the Self-Rating Policy, as they were emailed to the members with the provision that the fourth sentence of section I B of the Self-Rating Policy be deleted.  Craig Smith seconded the motion.  More discussion was held.  Club members adopted the Challenge Policy 108-32.
  2. Team Selection.  Members of the committee included:  Bill Schlimgen, Paul Kvasnicka, Meg and Harley Lemmon, Doug Korver, Mike Darr, Rich Hunt, Craig Smith, Max Warren, Wayne Hall, and Bernetta Burstyn.  Mike Darr reviewed the two policies which are the Blind Draw and the Captain Draw.  Discussion was held.  Dee Brosowske moved to put the policies on the ballot.  Max Warren seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  The Captain Draw Policy was adopted 87-54.





  1. Carol Korver announced that the Tennis Club Card Party is this Saturday, February 5 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. 
  2. Bob Wolf announced that the Softball Club is sponsoring a hamburger feast on Wednesday, February 9.  There will be three servings:  4-5, 5-6, and 6-7.  The tickets are $6 for a full meal of a 1/3 lb. burger, chips, beans, cookie, and coffee or lemonade.
  3. Judi Ofelt announced that the draws for the Monte Vista Invitational this coming Saturday is on the Club bulletin board.  If you cannot attend you must find your own substitute.
  4. DeMaris Hochhalter announced there would be a tennis club sponsored dance on March 5 with the Colorado Connection.  Tickets can be purchased in the Activities Office.
  5. At the EVSTL Meeting last week it was unanimously decided to play out deuces in league matches.
  6. Dale Miller encouraged members to get their Food Handler’s license in anticipation of the upcoming Farnsworth Tournament. 
  7. Doug Korver announced that the trees around the courts are shedding and that the courts should be blown off prior to matches each morning.
  8. Discussion was held on the six new courts being built and the concerns members have.
  9. Dale Miller offered to teach classes on the defibrillator.  Captains are to contact him to arrange a time for their teams.



The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m. 


Linda Miller