DECEMBER 6, 2011

3:30 P.M



President W. Dale Miller called the meeting to order at 3:30 P.M.


President Dale Miller welcomed new members Larry and Jenny Lindsey, Connie Neuman and Jennifer Wittick.


Minutes of the November 2, 2011 General Meeting were previously emailed to club members.  Dale Miller asked for corrections or additions to the minutes as emailed. There were none.  Wayne Hall moved to accept the minutes.  Jerry Pointer seconded the motion and it passed.



TreasurerÕs report was given by Cindy Geiser.  The report was accepted.



   Change to Bylaws

a.      A vote to change rating committee to challenge committee was not voted on due to the required 2/3rd vote with quorum present.  There were 59 members present.

b.    Bruce Evans gave a report on the Challenge Policy. Dale thanked Bruce and committee for all the time and work they put into the policy.  No vote at this time due to the required 2/3rd vote with quorum present.



a.      John Berger reported on EVSTL changes to the bylaws.  John welcomes any input on changes to the bylaws.  No vote due to the required 2/3rd vote with quorum present.

b.    Di Schlutz made a motion to donate $275.00 to the Genesis Project for food and $500.00 to La Mesita Family Homeless Shelter for Christmas gifts for 66 children.  Linda Miller seconded the motion.  The Motion carried.

c.    Executive Committee proposed a change to court sign up policy.  If you have signed up for a court and do not show up 10 minutes after the sign up time,  the court goes to squatterÕs rights.

d.    No host All Play begins December 10 and 17, 2011 from 8:30 Š 10:30 A. M. Come out and enjoy playing tennis with all levels.

e.    AED will remain in the kitchen.  New pads have been installed.  The key in the lock box now opens the kitchen door.  There is also an AED in the card room.

f.     Bathroom remodel has been completed.  Dale thanked Bill Smaha and Galen Anderson for their work on this project.  Dale thanked Ken Landwehr for helping with the metal kick plates on the doors.



a.     JoAnn Landwehr reported on Fun Day December 11, 2011 12 P.M. Š 4 P.M. at the courts.  The pairings will be posted on the board soon.  Please bring your donations on Sunday.  The January Mixed-Doubles has been cancelled.

b.    Cindy Geiser reported on the Road Haven Invitational.  Everyone had fun playing and enjoyed good food served by Road Haven, until the rain moved in.

c.    Dewayne Moon is coordinator for the Christmas Tournament at Sunland Village East.  A coordinator is needed for the 3.0 Smash and for SVE Doubles.

d.    Ball sweeper should go with ball machine.

e.    Social Tennis is going well according to George Anderson.

f.     No report on SSV Tournament.

g.    CaptainÕs Reported on their teams:

1.5 Started playing in November this season with 11 women and 9 men.

2.0 Red lost 2 men and short on women.

2.0 Blue Š no report.

2.0 White has 7 men and 9 women.  Donita thanked all of those that have helped with her team.

2.5 Red Š no report.

2.5 White Š no report.

2.5 Blue has 5 women and 11 men.

3.0 White Š no report.

3.0 Blue is having fun.

3.5 Blue has won 2 and lost 2

3.5 White has had plenty of rainy days.

4.0 Have 15 men and 16 women.

Dale thanked the CaptainÕs for all the work that they have done and will be doing.



Volunteers are needed for the Christmas Light Parade on December 10, 2011.  Please contact Dale Miller to volunteer.  Line up at 5:15 P.M.  Parade starts at 5:30 P.M.  The Desert Ridge School Band will perform in the parade.



Wayne Hall and Tom Rush are recycling the used balls.  Please do not put bad balls back in the baskets.

Creative Touch Interiors have furnished 50 new carpet pads.

A thank you from the club will be sent to the Doctor that saved Ray PflegerÕs life.

Don OÕReilly requested to continue All Play throughout the year.

Bob Wolf announced that there was a great turn out at the Pancake Feed on Saturday.  The next Pancake Feed is January 14, 2012  


Wayne Hall made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:30 P.M.  Barta Berger seconded the motion.


Respectfully submitted,