SSV Tennis Club General Membership Minutes

Nov. 6, 2013


Pres. Ron Petersen called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  All members of the Executive Board were in attendance.

New members were introduced and welcomed to the club.  A moment of silence was held for member(s) and/or family of members who passed away this summer.  Pres. Ron thanked Doug Korver for the upkeep of the courts this past summer with the help of Roger Stein.


Minutes--Joe Fusaro moved and Jim Gebing seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the Feb. 6, 2013 meeting as emailed to the members.  It was passed.


Treasurer’s Report--Cindy Gieser presented the budget for the year.  There was a question on the item $100. for clinic.  It was said that it would be used in case of a clinic.  Dee Brosowske moved and Donna Dale seconded a motion to accept the budget.  It was passed.  It was mentioned that recreational tennis players pay membership dues also.


Old Business

Practice times have been blocked out on the court sign-up and Terry Garrett reported that court sign-up is going well.


Bob Wolfe announced that the softball club will have a pancake breakfast on Dec. 7 beginning at 7:00 a.m.


The executive board is working to update the club roster.


New Business

Pres. Ron asked that scorekeepers sign the lists on the tables or contact him so we can update that list.  Also those interested in learning how to do scorekeeping should contact him.  As soon as 5 or 6 sign up, there will be a clinic by Duane Moon and Sandy Anderson.


There were 7 placement matches with 6 being successful.


Dee Brosowske and Di Schultz reported on the charitable contributions for our club.  Linda Miller moved and Linda McAteer seconded a motion that the budgeted $800 will be split between the La Mesita Homeless Shelter and Genesis Project.  It was passed.  Dee suggested that individuals contribute gift cards to the Shelter while contributions for the Genesis Project can be dropped off at the Di and Don Schultz home.  Dee and Di also asked for others to join their committee.


The social committee held the welcome back party on Nov. 2.  It was very well attended.  The leftover food went to the Genesis project.  The Roadhaven Invitational will be held Dec. 7 and members are asked to sign up at the North Court bulletin board.


Cindy Gieser asked for a nurse to help her update the first aid kits.  Pat Koskinen volunteered to help with this.  Cindy G. will also purchase the new tennis balls and the bulk items for the snack shack and distribute the snack shack money to the team captains.


Dee Brosowske reported on the EVSTL meeting.  There was discussion on a bylaw change to have teams in by Sept. 1.  The new format for position 1 players is working well.  Leisure World and Roadhaven will now begin their league matches at 9:00 a.m.

The EVSTL encourages everyone to use “fair play and having fun” in all league matches.  Captains are encouraged to read the EVSTL guidelines.


Terry Garrett and Roger Stein reported on the SSV Mixed Tournament to be held in March of 2014 and asked for help in managing the snack shack, and being the maintenance chairperson.  There will also be a need for a 2015 sponsorship sales person, scorekeeping chairpersons, and directors of the 2015 tourney.  Dale Miller also asked for help with grilling onions.  The next tournament committee meeting will be Nov. 7 at 3:30 in the San Tan room.  All are welcome to attend.


Linda McAteer, Allen Schaeffer, and Richard Hunt were asked to be the nominating committee.  Donna Dale moved and CG Stone seconded a motion that these three become the new nominating committee.  It was passed.  This committee will need to present a slate of officers by the January 2014 meeting.


Jeff Cushman’s name will be added to the Silent Racquet plaque.


Jim Gebing moved and Wayne Hall seconded a motion that we have new tennis balls for each league match.  It was passed.


There is a committee to review the challenge policy.  Dee Brosowske is the chairperson and we need more members to help her.  Please contact Pres. Ron Petersen if you are willing to help.


A plaque in memory of  Ross Farnsworth will be purchased and displayed possibly on court 3.


Jennifer Wittick reported on the SVE Holiday Tournament to be held Jan. 2-4, 2014.  Entries are due Dec. 6 and interested teams are to sign up on the sheets on the bulletin board at the North Courts and pay the team fee of $30.00 (checks to SSV tennis).  Scorekeepers for this tournament are also asked to sign up.


The use of funds committee is Linda Kirtz, Belinda Stevens, Mike Gonzalez, and Wayne Hall.  Suggestions should be directed to these committee members.



Joe Fusaro is the new 1.5 coordinator for the EVSTL.  Congratulations Joe.

Cindy Gieser and Barb Pointer cleaned the kitchens.  Special thanks to them.

Dick Pouria and Anna Lorenzen are in charge of the 75+yrs. Group.  Contact them if you      are interested in playing with this group.

Scorecards on the courts are to be turned perpendicular to the net during play and to the audience between games.

Home baked goods are permitted for league snack shack.

Everyone is encouraged to get their food handlers permit as it is a MUST in working with any food.  There is a list of those who have their permit on a clipboard in the activities office.  The test can be taken online.

We will continue with the Donut Peddler.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyack, Sec.