SSV Tennis Club General Membership Minutes

Jan. 8, 2014


Pres. Ron Petersen called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  All members of the Executive Board were in attendance.

A new member was introduced and welcomed into the club. 

Pres. Ron announced that 16 teams entered the SVE Holiday Tournament and we had 3 consolation champion teams and 2 championship teams.



As there was not a quorum present, the minutes of the last meeting will have to be approved at the next meeting.


Treasurer Cindy reported that the checking account has $27,418.56, we have 300 members as of today, and she has added a new category to the budget (unbudgeted items) to cover approved improvements and purchases.


Old Business

            Tournament update--Terry Garrett reported that the initial letters for the tournament went out today.  Also over 300 flyers have gone out via the captains of our teams.  We may have a request to put up our tent for the Fansworth open house if needed.

            Club Historian--we still are in need of one.


New Business

            The following captains gave reports on the first half of the season for their respective teams:  Dee Brosowske 2.0, Don Wogen 2.5 Blue, Deanna Magnuson 3.0 Blue, Ron Peterson (reporting for Dick Schwartz) 3.0 White, and Terry Garrett 3.5 Blue.

            Approved projects included: roller shield for the north court snack shack is installed, ball machine for the north courts is here and the sweepers have been adjusted, flag poles for the south courts are here, and the patio extension for the south courts snack shack has been approved provided work is not started until after April 1st and finished by Aug. 1st.

            The Chris Langdon “training the trainers” workshops will begin this Friday and the clinic by Chris and staff for the 1.5 and 2.0 players will begin on Saturday. 

            The nominating committee has completed the slate of officers for next year.  They include: President--Diane Thompson, Vice-Pres.--Mark Burright, Secretary--Mary Boyack, Treas.--Cindy Geiser, Member at large--Dee Brosowske and Linda McAteer.

            Dee Brosowske read the challenge committee’s suggestions for changes to the challenge policy.  They included:  Para II a. The decision to challenge to the next level should be thoughtful.  Players who wish to challenge must play in a minimum of 4 league matches and win a minimum of 51% of the games played.  This must be completed by the end of the first full week in February.  Para III f. If challengers do not win two sets out of three or win one set and a total of 13 games altogether, including games won during the winning set, they must remain at their current level and may not challenge again the following year.  Discussion followed.  This will be voted upon at the Feb. meeting.

            Don Wogen moved and Bill Smaha seconded a motion that deceased member Dale Brodd be added to the Silent Racquet plaque.  Motion passed.



            We received a thank you note from Roadhaven in regard to the Invitational with them.

            Barb Pointer reported that the social committee has scheduled a Chili Fun Day for Jan. 25 from 10:00-2:00 at the north courts.  3.0’s that want to play can sign up for the early time slot so they can also attend the Chris Langdon clinic in the afternoon.  The sign up sheet for the fun day and the food items is on the north court bulletin board.

The Monte Vista Inv. has been cancelled due to a scheduling problem at Monte Vista.

            We have 4 interested members to take the scorekeeping class.  We’d like to have 2 more to offer the class.  Contact Pres. Ron if you are interested.

            Please be sure to close the south court gates as you leave as there is more wind there and it will help avoid damage to the gates.

            Pres. Ron thanked those that were street guards for the Christmas lighting parade.

            Bingo may ask for help with Bingo from us.  Notice will be sent out if we are needed.

            It was suggested that signs announcing “no roller wheels on the courts” be put up.

            Bob Wolf announced that the softball teams will have their pancake breakfast this Saturday and asked folks to purchase tickets for it.

            Challenge forms need to be turned in by January 15 to Diane Thompson.

            Landscaping blowers being used during league play have been addressed and will be addressed again.

            Next meeting will be THURSDAY, Feb. 6, 2014 in the auditorium at 3:30.  Doors will open at 3:00.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:15.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyack, Sec.