SSV Tennis Club General Membership Minutes

Feb 6, 2014 


Pres. Ron Petersen called the meeting to order at 3:16 p.m.  All members of the Executive Board were in attendance.


Minutes--Dee Brosowski moved and Dick Branson seconded a motion to approve the Dec. 4, 2013 minutes.  Motion passed.  Bill Smaha moved and Mark Burright seconded

a motion to approve the Jan. 8, 2014 minutes.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report--Cindy Geiser reported that we now have 313 members.  The Quicken account has a balance of $16,014.37 and the Wells Fargo account is $19,238.14.


Old Business

Jerry Pointer moved and Leon Richardson seconded a motion that we cast a unanimous ballot for next years officers.  Motion passed.  Congratulations to the following officers:

President--Diane Thompson

Vice Pres.--Mark Burright

Sec.--Mary Boyack

Treas.--Cindy Geiser

Member at large--Dee Brosowski


Terry Garrett reported that the SSV tournament planning is going well.


Ted Sondej reported that the Chris Langdon clinic is going smoothly.  Pres. Ron informed the group of the free Carnival that Chris Langdon will do on Feb. 22, 2014.


Dee Brosowski moved and Deanna Magnuson seconded a motion that we accept the challenge committee’s proposal: “Para II a. The decision to challenge to the next level should be thoughtful.  Players who wish to challenge must play in a minimum of 4 league matches and win a minimum of 51% of the games played.  This must be completed by the end of the first full week in February.”  Discussion followed.  A show of hands followed showing 37 yes and 39 no.  The motion was defeated.  Dee Brosowski moved and Linda McAteer seconded a motion to accept the challenge committee’s rewording in Para II f: “If challengers do not win two sets out of three or win one set and a total of 13 games altogether, including games won during the winning set, they must remain at their current level and may not challenge again the following year.”  Motion passed.


Barb Pointer thanked everyone who participated in the chili fun day.  She also mentioned that if you are missing utensils from it to check in the North snack shack.  The social committee has next year’s schedule ready with the Welcome Back party to be held Nov. 2, 2014 hosted by the 3.5 teams.  The committee also plans to add one more play day and one more invitational.  Pres. Ron remarked that we received a very nice thank you from the Project Genesis folks.


New Business


            Bernetta Burstyn moved and Joe Fusaro seconded a motion to approve the Board’s plan to purchase a new electric roller shield for the South courts snack shack.  Motion passed

            Two bids were received to redo the North court lighting ($42,000 and $85,000).  This was put on hold for now.

            Pres. Ron reported that the redoing of courts 1 and 2 has been brought to the next level which is taking it to the recreation committee and the HOA.  The bid was for $85,000.  It was said that this should be funded by the HOA reserve fund not the enhancement fund.  It was felt that a contribution from our club might get the ball rolling on this.  Bob Wolfe moved and Linda McAteer seconded a motion to contribute $5000. toward this project.  Motion passed

            Adding a backboard to court 7 for about $3600 was tabled until next fall.

            Wi-fi boosters for the north and south courts will be purchased so that iphones and ipads could be used to schedule courts right at the courts.  There may be more uses for these boosters in the future.  Cost is about $75.00 per location.  Steve Hyer will take care of this.  It has been HOA approved.

            Dee Brosowski reported on the EVSTL meeting.  Pres. Ron said that there is a 60% decrease valley wide at the 1.5 level.  He encouraged us to invite new people to join.

            Pres. Ron said that the pickle ball people are in the process of putting up a shade between the pickle ball courts and tennis court 7.    The recreation committee and the HOA have approved it.  Bob Wolfe moved and Linda McAteer seconded a motion that the tennis club contribute $1000 toward this project.  Motion passed with 3 no’s.

            Carol Reiger and Bill Smaha reported that the challenges are going very well and they appreciated the help and cooperation of the members involved.

            The new move up plan has been deferred to next fall.



            There are several openings on the recreation committee for next year.  If you are interested, get an application from the office.

            Pres. Ron thanked the tent crew who set up and took down the tent for the Farnsworth open house.

            Bingo fund will pay for the tiling of the south court snack shack and bathrooms.  This should be completed by tournament time.

            During the tournament, the restrooms in the San tan building will also be open.

            The lack of hot water in the south court restrooms was brought to the HOA.

            The door to the women’s restroom is not working well and will be fixed.

            Members are asked to help with the collection of garbage at the south courts.  A recycle bin will be available during and after the tournament.

            Two pumps for court cleaning are working well.  Thanks Doug Korver.

            Signs for no wheels, bikes, or pets will be posted on tennis court doors.

            The 1.5 breakout touney will be held Feb. 14, 15, 16 at Mesa Regal.  Come and support your 1.5 tennis players.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:17 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyack, Sec.