SSV Tennis Club General Membership Minutes

Dec. 4, 2013


Pres. Ron Petersen called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.  All members of the Executive Board were in attendance.


Minutes--Donna Dale moved and Dick Branson seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the Nov. 6, 2013 meeting as emailed to the members.  It was passed.


Treasurer’s report--Cindy Geiser presented the report as of Nov. 30, 2013.  The balance is $35,527.83.

There are 288 paid members.


Old Business

The plaques for the Silent Racquet Club and the President list have been updated and received.

The Memorial plaque for Ross Farnsworth has been ordered.  

Terry Garrett poled the captains on what they’d like to do with the court utilization during the Christmas break and got 8 different answers.  He will honor those requests.


New Business

Tournament update--Roger Stein reported that the vacancies for this years tournament have been filled as follows:  snack shack--Gil and Rhonda Shubert and Connie and Ron Neuman, maintenance--Dan Wells,

Sales sponsorship for 2015--Mark Burright, scorekeeping for 2015--Dennis and Dee Brosowske , and tournament directors for 2015--Donna Dale and Sue Briggs.  Advertising for the tournament continues through the captains in league play.  They plan to move more matches to the South courts.  Flag poles at the South courts are being donated by Roger and Marcia Stein and Terry and Linda Garrett.  Sheila and Jerry Mason will buy the flags, and Bruce and Chris Stricklett will purchase the quikcrete. Many, many thanks to these members.  Ken Landwehr will order these things and Jerry Pointer will present this to the recreation committee and HOA for final approval.

Use or funds committee--the committee presented proposals to the Executive Board at the board’s last meeting.  Pres. Ron went to the recreation committee last Monday and presented the list as revised by the Executive Board.  It included the following:

            Purchase an electric roller shield for the North court snack shack at a cost of $1250.  Rec. Comm. approved it.  Bill Smaha moved and Linda Miller seconded a motion to purchase it.  Passed.

            Purchase a new ball machine for the North court and trade in the oldest one--cost $4200.  Rec. Comm. approved it.  Dee Brosowske moved and Linda McAteer seconded a motion to purchase it.  Passed.

            The purchase of a backboard for the South courts at a cost of $3570. was tabled after discussion.  Clint Herbert moved and Shari Allen seconded the motion to table it.  Passed.

            Build a permanent patio roof onto the existing snack shack at the South courts at a cost of $16,897.  Rec. Comm. conditionally  approved if we get another bid and do not exceed $16,897.  Doug Korver will get a second bid.  Jerry Pointer moved that we move forward with this project with the tennis club contributing $5000.  Bob Wolfe seconded the motion and it passed.  Pres.  will take it to the Building Comm.

            Purchase 2 sun shades for between court 7 and the pickle ball courts at a cost of  $18,950 was tabled after discussion.  John Berger moved and Sherry Tucker seconded the motion to table it.  Passed.

Nominating Committee is working on the slate of officers.

Challenge Committee of Dee Brosowske, Ray Wiebe, Jim Gebing, and Deanna Magnuson have met and are working on small details in the policy.

Charitable Contributions Committee--Diana Schultz reported that the check to La Mesita Homeless Shelter will be delivered this Saturday and the check to Project Genesis will be delivered Dec. 14. 





Social Committee--The Roadhaven Invitational will be Dec. 7 with breakfast and lunch provided by Roadhaven.  Barb Pointer reported on the Holiday food drive for Project Genesis Dec. 14.  Omelets will be provided for those that donate to the project.  The tennis play will be mixed doubles and mixed levels.  Barb also read us a list of items needed by Project Genesis.  Checks can be made out to Project Genesis.  Sign up will be at the North courts and Cindy Geiser will do the pairings.

Club Historian--We are still in need of someone to fill this position.  Email Pres. Ron if you’d like to help.

Chris Langdon proposal is to bring a team of professional tennis instructors to our club.  Cost is $1000 for 5 two hour sessions (one session per level with 1.5 and 2.0’s together).  It was also proposed that we purchase “train the trainers” at $500 for the captains and trainers.  This would be held on 9 Fridays for one and a half hour  sessions.  Discussion followed.  Dale Miller moved to use the $100 budgeted for clinics and use $1400 from unbudgeted funds to set this up.  Marti Voss seconded the motion.  Passed.



Golf Cart Holiday Parade will be Dec. 14.  Pres. Ron will send out an email asking for volunteers to help manage traffic on the streets.  Please be ready to help with this.

The Club Roster has been updated on our website.

Scorekeepers--we have 5 more scorekeepers and 3 more on the list to take the class.  Email Pres. Ron if you’d like to learn how to keep score for matches.

First Aid Kits--Pat Koskinen has updated the kits.  Many thanks to her.

Barb Pointer is ready to help anyone who needs new tennis shirts.

Bob Wolfe reminded everyone of the softball pancake breakfast this Saturday.

Next general meeting will be January 8, 2014 at 3:30 in the Auditorium.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


 Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyack, Sec.