General Meeting SSV Tennis Club

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014



Pres. Diane Thompson called the meeting to order at 3:30.  All Exec. Board members were present except Treas. Cindy Geiser.


Dee Brosowske moved and C.G. Stone seconded a motion to accept the secretary’s report of  Nov. 5 as emailed.  Motion passed.


The treasurer’s report was sent to club members by email.  There were no corrections and it was accepted.  There are 293 paid members.


Old Business


Terry Garrett reminded all that the EVSTL is encouraging everyone to call foot faults starting in January.  There was some discussion as to the procedure in calling them.  Terry will send out an email with the procedure and penalty for foot faults.


Jennifer Wittick reported on the Holiday tournament.  She will let the teams know when to pay the entry fee as soon as she finds out which teams will be accepted into the tournament.


A thank you to members for the tennis shoes on behalf of Genesis was related by Di Schultz.  Genesis will no longer be able to accept plastic containers or bags but would gladly accept socks, underwear, shoes, and plastic table clothes.


Jerry Pointer spoke for the nominating committee.  If anyone is interested in running for positions on the Exec. Board, they should let a member of the nominating committee know by the end of December.


New Business


The EVSTL advisory board meeting report was given by Dee B.   She reported that the split teams will be implemented in Nov. 2015.  Our one roster 2 team for our 4.0’s will be very compatible with this.  The EVSTL also encouraged each Village to have at least 4 men’s and 4 women’s lines at each level and for each team for league.


Use of Funds committee report was given by Wayne Hall.  Linda Garrett moved and Don Wogen seconded a motion to purchase 2 ball sweepers and 2 new baskets.  Motion passed.  Wayne also said that getting cement put in near court 12 where the bike racks presently are located will be taken to the recreation board.  Dale Miller was able to purchase two new heaters for the two snack shacks at a substantial savings.  Tennis balls have also been purchased for the ball machines.  The committee is also looking into new bulletin boards for the North courts similar to the ones on the South courts.  The timers on the coffee pots have been researched by the committee and found to be useable.  Closers for the South bathroom doors will be installed by the HOA according to Buffy.


Joe Ricci presented the challenge policy that the committee has put together.  It was also emailed to the members.  There were several questions and comments.  The committee will meet with each level of teams and further answer any questions.  It will be voted upon at the January general meeting.


The social committee report was given by Jerry Pointer.  The Roadhaven invitational is this Saturday.  All players must purchase the $5.00 meal tickets which are for sale at the North courts from 9:00-11:00 a.m. each day this week. The Holiday Fun Day/Charity Day will be Dec. 13.  More information on this will be sent to the members via email.


The tournament committee reported that they have met with the Exec. Board and with all their tournament committees and things are going well.  They will meet with Craig Alstrom this week.  Also, thanks to Dale and Linda Miller, the Voice will feature the tournament on the front page of the March issue.


Terry Garrett recognized Dee B. and Mike Darr captains of the 2.0 teams which have the best record in league play at this point.  There have been 3 placement matches this season.


There was much discussion at the Exec. Board meeting as to how to spend the budgeted clinic/instruction money, who in our club should receive the instruction, the cost, and which instructors should be used to give instruction or do clinics for our club this spring and next year.  Because of this, Terry G. asked that members send him their ideas in the next 20 days.  He will compile these and present a report at the next meeting.


Bob Wolf reminded everyone to purchase their tickets for the softball pancake breakfast next Saturday.


It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyack, Sec.